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Struck By Lightning

(Demon CD, 2/1991, UK) (RCA CD, 2/1991, USA)
Produced by GP Engineered and mixed by David Cook at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley Overdubs engineered by Chris Andersen at Nevessa Production, Woodstock.

(Demon LP-issue, 2/1991, UK) In England, inital copies of this LP came with a free 12" EP. There are tracks both on the LP and on the EP that are not on the CD, being "I'm Into Something Good "(Hermans Hermits) "Museum Piece" and "Museum of Stupidity".

She Wants So Many Things
They murdered the clown
Strong winds
Kid with the butterfly net
And it shook me
Wrapping Paper
That's where she ends up
A brand new book
Weeping statues
Guardian angels
Children and dogs
Over the border to America
When I was King
Ten Girls Ago
The sun is gonna shine again
Museum Piece
Museum of Stupidity