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Weeping statues

Capo at 4 INTRO: Em Am (twice)

Em Am Em Am
Weeping statues Elvis sightings Visitations man struck by lightning
Em Am Em Am
Everyday someone gets a sign It rips apart the fabric of their daily lives
Am C D C
Is It fear of flying that Keeps us rooted to the ground
Am C D
Everyone is trying to stay trapped and gagged and bound

The blind girl saw it the deaf man heard it
The cripple stood up and walked towards it
The handless man wrote it down to report it
The moron changed the words around to distort it
Ah his hand was steady and His mind was clear to think
But it came out in black and white Written In invisible ink (INTRO and SOLO)

Weeping statues Elvis sightings Stained glass window man struck by lightning
Every minute someone loses control And sees things how they really are
And not how they're told But statues only weep for some
And Elvis just shows up when he's hungry
Lightning strikes at everyone But only hits the very lucky

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