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The Up Escalator

GRAHAM PARKER -- vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitars
MARTIN BELMONT -- rhythm & acoustic guitars
STEPHEN GOULDING -- drums & backing vocals
BRINSLEY SCHWARZ -- lead guitars & backing vocals
Danny Federici -- organ
Nicky Hopkins -- acoustic piano
Jimmy Maelen -- percussion
Bruce Springsteen -- backing vocals (6)
Peter Wood -- synthesizer
Shelly Yakus -- engineer
Dave Thoener, Jon Mathias -- additional engineering
Jack Drumond -- cover painting
Glenn M. Brown -- photography
Richard Giglio -- lettering

(Stiff SEEZ 23, 4/1980, UK)
Produced by Jimmy Iovine
Engineered by Shelly Yakus

No Holding Back
Devil's Sidewalk
Stupefaction (with midi)
Empty Lives
The Beating of Another Heart
Endless Night
Jolie Jolie
Love without Greed
Women In Charge Up Escalator [Bonus Track]