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Steely Dan - Who is this gaucho, amigo?
Memory. It's like a wheezing pump-organ with clogged pipes, an imperfect, creaking apparatus that weaves strands of imagery, place, emotions and... More>>

royal scam

Steely Dan - The Royal Scam
That's the image imprinted on my mind for the year of 1976. I was writing a book at the time, my hours were my own, I had a saxophone I couldn't work... More>>


Steely Dan - Aja
I've been thinking about this for a month and still nothing coming out of the ends of my fingers. And time is running out. Nothing on e-paper. More>>

Steely Dan - Katy Lied
If Pretzel Logic was squeezing jazz out of the pop monster, then Katy Lied is squeezing pop out of the jazz monster. Where Pretzel Logic was like... More>>

Mascot's Distance

Mascot's Distance - Music is such sardonic sorrow
At last an original sound in that spiny, sparkling streak of sardonic American music occupied by Steely Dan. Like that sinuously sardonic duo,... More>>


Elliott Randall Guitar Archives Volume One
Information about the music gathered by listening to the record. Information about the artists mostly derived from the Net, except where there are... More>>

new york rock and soul review

New York Rock & Soul Review
Well here's another instalment of the struggles of an Australian to listen to the New York Rock and Soul Review. Good news. (For me at least.) I've... More>>

west coast harem

Funk Classic - Ray Manzarek meets Grant Green on CD collectable
"Introducing West Coast Harem", five tracks recorded in 1997 by this short-lived funk outfit, is about to become rare. As with those early,... More>>


Donald Fagen - The Nightfly
Donal Fagen's "The Nightfly" was his first solo effort after his partnership with Walter Becker went into mothballs and Steely Dan was no longer a... More>>

burning questions

Graham Parker - Burning Questions
Where there's a smoking discussion there must be a burning question. And this one is -- how does BQ rate in the GP oeuvre? On balance as John and... More>>

graham parker - last rock''n'roll tour

Graham Parker & The Figgs - The Last Rock'n'Roll Tour
Recorded live at Bogies, Albany NY, November 26 1996. TRACK 1 - The pace is cracking right from the first song -- "Turn it into hate". Mike Gent... More>>


Graham Parker - The Great Trouser Mystery
Graham Parker's excursion into a future world of crazy colour, maniac music and lunatic laughter, brought to life by the extraordinary illustrations... More>>

bastard of belgium

Graham Parker - A brief biography
Although Graham Parker (b. London, 1950) emerged from the London pub-rock scene in the early '70s he has since pointed out that he really wasn't part... More>>

sam crain toasty relief

Sam Crain's Toasty Relief - tasty cuts to savour
As I listen to Sam Crain's Toasty Relief through headphones (so as not to wake the house) at 5 a.m. on Brisbane Summer morning I can't help but find... More>>