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A number of reviews, essays, theses, discussion papers and ruminations appear here. Thanks to the authors of both the original works and the books reviewed here for their help and support.

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Lexical Transfer in the novels of Boris Vian - Dissertation by Geoffrey Dearson
Excerpts from Master of Arts Degree Dissertation G.J. Dearson submitted while at the University of Wales, UK. (reproduced with the author's... More>>

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Re-Creation of a Recreation
A Comparative Study of Two English Translations of L'Ecume des Jours by Sophie de Nodrest More>>

The Flight of the Angels - Intertextuality in Four Novels by Boris Vian
by Dr Alistair Charles Rolls, (FAUX TITRE Etudes de langue et littérature françaises publiées, sous la direction de Keith Busby, M.J. Freeman, Sjef... More>>


From Dreams to Despair - JKL Scott
From Dreams to Despair is a painstaking discussion of possible themes running through Vian's writing. There is an enormous amount of scholarship in... More>>

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Boris Vian: Cultural Pariah, Swingin’ Dilletante, or Iconoclastic Pataphysician?
Bart Plantagena reviews I Spit On Your Graves, Boris Vian, TamTam Books, 1999 ISBN 0-9662346-0-X, Translated from the French by Boris Vian & Milton... More>>

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Vian: L'Ecume des Jours, a study by David Meakin
Books on Vian for English readers are so rare that their authors seem always obliged to "start again" introducing Vian to a readership where his is... More>>


Froth on the Daydream - review by Robert Whyte
This is a marvellous translation by Stanley Chapman who probably has done more than anyone to promote Vian to English readers. Sadly his translation... More>>


John Sturrock's Introduction to Chapman's Heatrsnatcher (L'Arrache Coeur)
Boris Vian is a delight twice over: he is a delight to read and a delight to read about, because he lived his much-too-short life with the same... More>>

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Julia Older's Introduction to Blues for a Black Cat (her translation of Vian's short story collection Les Fourmis)
Today, Vian has been exhumed and pronounced Literary. (Capital C for French publishers currently living off the corpse d'esprit.) His works are being... More>>