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A brand new book

Intro F Bb C C \ F Bb C C \ F Bb Dm Dm

F C Bb F
I once read the story of somebody's life I had a few moments to spare
F C Bb F
He was a good man who lived with his wife With the usual kids in his hair
Dm G Dm G
There was happiness a lot of weirdness And a sprinkle of tragedy
Dm G
I pulled it by chance from a second hand bin
Bb C
But it could've been written just for me

F Bb F Bb
Because the words came out Not twist and shout
F Bb C
Cause that's not what a grown man writes about
F Bb F Bb
That chapter's over, let it blow over
F Bb C C F
I found that I've become the owner Of a brand new book
F Bb C F
a brand new book (then)
F Bb C Dm

I've travelled far and I've travelled wide And I guess I'll be travelling on
Fill another suitcase up with possessions And put on a Badfinger song
I've got much more than most people have And a little less than a few
But you can't measure these things by weight
They either drag you down or they lift you

Dm Bb F Bb
I don't read between the lines I'm not ready for what I'll find
Dm Bb
I don't believe that love is blind
It just can't see straight, it just can't see straight oh yeah
Read all about it, read all about it yeah
F Bb C F
a brand new book (twice)

I read that book for an hour or two And then I looked up at the night sky
I saw the Big Dipper and then the Big Bopper And I realised how much time had gone by
Every page had something to say But one thing that struck me as true
The clock just keeps ticking as if you're not there
Man it either drags you down or it lifts you CHORUS

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