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No more excuses

Intro riff The high notes are f# g b f# g c

The chords appear to be Em Cmaj7 E C then Em Cmaj7 3 times

Em Cmaj7 D Em
Every street is a crowded place every crowd is too much to face
Em Cmaj7 D
Every shoulder is something hard don't want to lean on
Em Cmaj7 D Em
Every day we are running out, cabs to catch in the pouring rain
Em    Cmaj7 D
Feeling the loneliness and the doubt, I have to shout, said

Em Cmaj7 D
Hey no more excuses I made them enough
Em Cmaj7 D
I said hey no more excuses it's time to get tough

Every step is another chance every moment slips through our hands
Every kiss is another flame I don't want to put out
Every night when I fall asleep I know I never want to wake up
Into a world where you're not around can't let you down, I said


Em Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7
Don't break down in this cold town where the people live in fear
Em Cmaj7
There's a wheel in my hand but I can't steer

I never noticed who I was with, I never thought about how to live,
I only took it for granted and like a fool let it all slip by
But if you forgive me of my mistakes I will try to find what it takes
In this soul there's a heart that aches to give you my love, I said,


(then) using Em Cmaj7

Oh oh Oh (then) BRIDGE I can't steer then intro again

(then) BRIDGE I can't steer I can't steer

Hey no more Hey no more Hey no more


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