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I Just Can't Capture Her Imagination (Version 1)

Intro      A    F#m/C#     D/F#  (x4)
(played with a fast tempo. The bass notes are
A, C# and F#. The chords are played A - x0333x then move the
little finger up to cover the C# and F# notes at fret 4, giving
F#/C# - x4422x, then put the thumb on the F# on the E string,
to play the D/F# as 200232.

A F#m/C# D/F#
I got so much love I don't know how she refuses
A F#m/C# D/F#
Nothing' but contempt for the guys she chooses
A F#m/C# D/F# E
They're all bright sparks but a lot of their fuses are blown

I come out every year in a brand new car
Try to drag her through the door but the door's ajar
She just checks her bag turns a dial and tunes into some star

A F#m/C# D/F# D/F# A F#m/C# D/F#
I just ca aa n't capture her imagina tion
I just ca aa n't capture her imagina tion
I just ca aa n't capture her imagina tion

oh no (intro)

Well I dress all right with my dancing clothes on
Leather shoes and a false nose on
A shirt of pure white silk fit for a king

I might act like the life and soul of the party
But deep in side I'm broken hearted
When she gives me a look that means I don't mean a thing


Instrumental section, then intro

Well she lives in the city of the great mid west
Believes what she reads in the gutter press
And I'm wasting my time here trying to impress her at all

I'm at a happening party trying to get her laid
Too much competition, can't make the grade
So I end up in the kitchen with the butler the servant and the maid

CHORUS (repeat and fade)

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