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Corporate Rock

They're taking a journey they're taking a trip
Through America's veins via an intravenous drip
They're picking up flak from the hack, but the radio
Opens its doors at the front and the back, for

Corporate Ro oh oh ock, Corporate Rock,
(Guitar fill)

I just bought a hairpiece that goes with the job
I'm the nice guy next door I gave up being a slob
Their phony rebellion that's written by old men
The rock book of cliches gets rammed down your gob.



You don't have no say in the matter
The wave bands are wide but the choice it is narrow
And everyone slides down a stairway to heaven
And millions stay silent nailed to the rung

They're wasting your time as they're filling your face
Take the last train to Clarkesville before it's too late
They hit you in Dreamland and wiped out your sex gland
And made sure you're tuned in on the hour every hour, for

Corporate Ro oh oh ock, Corporate Ro oh oh ock, Corporate Rock,
Corporate Rock,

Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock (x3)

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