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Burnin' on a Higher Flame

      466444   476454
G#m E
INTRO: Burnin (2 times)

244322 447754
G#m F# C#m G#m
The night falls dark around me, and the dogs bark out a curse

577655 779997 799677 779997
A bad dreams twist inside me and I scream for a doctor or a nurse

(A run from B to G#m goes B, Bb, A, G#m) then same chords as above.

But I'm just dyin' for morning, watch the sun rise like a pearl
Just to feel the breath of your life as your smile lights up the world

G#m C#m F# G#m C#m F
And I'm burnin' on a higher flame, burning' on a higher flame
burning' on a higher flame, burning' on a higher flame

REPEAT INTRO: Oh hoo burnin, burnin

A lot of things in this world make a man fall down and cry
The hell hound's on my trail, and the mighty rivers run dry
But now I know you're with me, I stand above it all
And take the pain they give me, make it nothing like a pain at all

CHORUS, then ooh yeah, then solo
(I haven't worked out the chords under the solo because
I feel too much like a sap trying to sing the lead guitar.)

CHORUS, then yes I'm burnin, burnin then

CHORUS (variation)

OUTRO: Burnin, (4 times)

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