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Durban Poison

Randy from Oceanside, California has an update to this song which sounds pretty good, and if you play it with bar chords you can get that funky reggae beat. In the chorus the C rings out and then he slides on the E string back up to the A from the G to start all over again.
INTRO: A / / / D / / / F#m / / / D / C (once for two bars)

A D F#m
The Zulus are rising from their shanty towns
F#m D D A
The Injuns are launching a counter attack
A D F#m
The funeral pyre's burning as I strike a match
F#m D D A
And everything goes up in smoke again, oh

A D F#m D C (g a)
Durban Poison, oh oh oh oh, Durban Poison
Durban Poison, oh oh oh oh, Durban Poison

A white man is talking in a twisted accent
Somewhere between British and Boer
Says if you hate somebody lock them up, but I can't be sure
if I'm just dreaming, I'm dreaming of



A choir is singing their voices ring out
A child is bouncing on her mother's knee
The cradle of mankind is waking at last
Seeds grow where nothing ever grew before,

REPEAT CHORUS x 3 then fade

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