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Get over it and move on

Just looked at this again (26/10/97) and listened to the bass in the
chorus which has given me a way of playing this little rocker.
You can put an Asus4 x0223x in the verses as an embellishment to keep
the rhythm. The D in the intro etc is like an Asus4 if you avoiding
hitting the top string. Sorta grungy.

Intro: E A D A E A D A E A D

A Asus4
I've been drinking strychnine and I've dined on plastic combs
A Asus4
Celebrities removed my teeth and made me clean their homes
D Dsus4
I've seen operations that would chill you to the bones
A Asus4
I've been charged with homicide for killing garden gnomes

Lethal spirochaetes of poison rifle through my blood
Little bombs of toxin are exploding in my gut
A girl without an umbrella relaxes in the rain
She smiled and then she broke my legs I'll never walk again

CHORUS (power chords for F# and F, the bass dominates)
A (577655) G (355433) F# F
I gotta get over it and move on Get over it and move on
I gotta get over it and move on Get over it and move on

move on move on

The police hauled me downtown the barber shaved me bald
I woke up in a cardboard box wet and freezing cold
The hound dogs ate my leftovers and my penicillin mould
Now I keep my mouth shut and do just what I'm told


Authorities removed my carpets and repossessed my bed
Then the milkman stripped my roof of every ounce of lead
The pop machine has new agendas now Gangsta's girls and jerks
They call it entertainment. That's the way it works


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