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Sharpening axes

Thanks to Kirk Anderson ( for help with the chords

Intro b b b b b b c b (then) a a a a a a b a
(0ver) Em Dm7 (twice)

Em Dm7
I'm not selling molasses I'm not pushing tea
Em Dm7
I don't appeal to the masses and they don't appeal to me
Em Dm7
I'm not peddling fiction I'm not packaging youth
Em Dm7
I've got a predilection for the truth

Am Dm
I can't stand it any longer I can't suffer any more fools
Am Dm
I'm gonna keep on sharpening axes till I've got the sharpest tools
C Gm
I can't access information comin' down the mainframe
C Gm Bm A Bm A
Those puerile incantations in couplets or quatrains

Watch it all run amok now watch those idiots score
Till you can't remember that they're idiots any more
Watch that stain increasing spreading out across the earth
Till you can't remember what anything is worth

I can't stand it any longer I can't listen to any more words
I'm gonna keep on sharpening axes till they cut right through this dirt
I can't access information comin down the satellite beam
All I hear is psycho babble and I don't know what it means

Instrumental section, then
BRIDGE #1 (1st half)
VERSE #2 (1st half)
BRIDGE #2 (2nd half)

Bm A
Sharpening axes (3 times)

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