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Acid Bubblegum

All songs written by graham parker Produced by GP Recorded, engineered and mixed by John Yates at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley. Andrew Bodnar: Bass Gary Burke: Drums, Percussion and 'mad' cowbell Jimmy Destri: Keyboards G.P. Vocals and Guitars A g.p. production for Desperate 'Career' Moves Inc. a five monkeys joint Ellisclear Ltd Copyright admin. by Bug (Razor and Tie RT 2826-2, 9/17/1996, USA) (Essential! ESSCD583, 7/28/1997, UK)

Turn it into hate
Sharpening axes
Get over it and move on
Bubblegum Cancer
She never let me down
Obsessed with Aretha
Bean counter
Girl at the end of the pier
Milk Train
Character assassination
They got it wrong (as usual)