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She's Been Working

He's caught in a poolroom with his money down 
They came right on time and dragged him off downtown
With a nothing silent to make live and drown (?)
Shouting three hail maries man I missed my round

Well she called up the station told em to keep him there
Man he ain't no good to me he doesn't care
I got kids round my ankles and my hair in a net
More bills on the table than the national debt, but

She's been working, She's been working,
She's been working, to make this house a home

Well his friends thing he's crazy to be stuck at home
With the bats in the laundry and the telephone
That keeps ringing like a nightmare he can only moan
There's no chance of paying back the banker's loan

She looks at the paint peelin offa the walls
And puts on the vacuum when the welfare calls
And shouts at the neighbours, man the guy's got balls
I can't afford detergent to clean my smalls, but


Well everybody talks about the working man
And how he makes the money for the bread and jam
But no-body stops to give the woman a thought
Less the food ain't on the table and the shopping ain't bought

She's a working ooh hoo, She's a working ooh hoo, oh yeah


REPEAT CHORUS (x2) and fade

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