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Haunted Episodes

Capo at 3 /C /B etc mean passing bass notes

G C /C /B
I wonder what you are thinkin'
under the rooftops there
pullin' tangles from your hair
G C /C /B
I wonder if the water you're drinkin'
comes from a purer stream
The one where sunlight gleams
Bm Am7
Things round here don't get any clearer
Bm Am7 D
Stuff that once seemed in reach is not any nearer

I wonder if that house is still standin' or did they knock it flat
Well that's progress that's that I wonder who was more demanding
We were just young I guess neither would settle for less
Still it's not a whole life story is it
It's just a page I turned and there you were in it

I wonder how you are farin' not sliding down a slope
takin' the knocks I hope
I wonder where your eyes are starin'
Not into some emptiness into someone's I guess
but that still won't make things any clearer
people seem to drift apart instead of getting nearer

I wonder what you are doin' under the evening sky
watchin' your life go by
I wonder if that place is in ruins and all the doors are closed
that's just the way it goes
I wonder what there is worth keepin' from haunted episodes
that briefly woke us from sleepin'

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