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You got the world right where you want it

Intro C Cadd9

C Cadd9 C Dm7
As you wash your hair and bathe in Perrier
Am Dm
As you hit the bank machine at night
Am Dm
Drinking money for tomorrow's flight
C Cadd9 C Dm7
As you count your loss or bet on a black horse
Am Dm
Sit behind the wheel of a black Porsche
Am Dm Dm7
Use your leather organiser with your name embossed
Dm Dm7 Dm Dm7 Am
The night is thick with frost It chills your heart

CHORUS Cycle on Am Dm Dm7 Dm

You got the world Right where you want it
Where do you want Where do you want the world?
You got the girl Right where you want her
But where do you want Where do you want the girl?

I pulled up at your door And turned the key once more
Took a calculator from my pocket
Checked a picture of us in a locket
I knew you were not in An alarm began to ring
Punched a number on a cordless phone
Made an offer on a Dockland's condominium home
Somewhere with no soul That won't remind me

CHORUS instrumental verse REPEAT CHORUS (long instrumental noodle)

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