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Big man on paper

Capo at 2 C Am
Oooh la la la la la la la la bop bop bop (twice)

C Am
I look at a news cast being broadcast and
C Am
try to connect with the events in front of my eyes
C Am
But I can't see any further than the bills on the table
C Am C Am
or my kids first Halloween disguise ooooh

Then I drive into town And go to the Hudson Valley Mall
And look at the youth in their White snake T shirts
They're wearing a poor man's version of the haircut
Man they might as well be from another universe

I'd like to live In one world or another
F C Bb F
Baby one world or another Would almost seem right
I'd like to see Peace on earth for my brother But I'm just a

C Am C Am C Am C
Ooooooh Big man on paper ooooh Big man on paper
C Am
Oooh la la la la la la la la bop bop bop (twice)

I look at a magazine designed for the successful woman
And look for one designed for the unsuccessful man
But I can't see it anywhere on the newsstands
Maybe next week Maybe next week
So I hit the arcade and then get back in the car
And drive drive drive down that empty highway again
Surrounded by food you don't worry about starvation
Only temptation and keeping sane

Maybe you live in one world or another Baby One world or another
And maybe that's right I found myself Somewhere under the cover of a

... CHORUS (After chorus a few clashing G's then C Am etc)

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