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My love's strong

Thanks to Kirk Anderson ( for help with the chords
E 4 7 6 4 5 4 (an open C chord fretted up 4)

Intro A / D A / D
(D) A D A D
When the world's asleep And there's no one in your arms
(D) A D A D
Raindrops hit the window Like distant alarms
(D) A D A D
You don't have to worry Hey girl don't you cry
(D) A D A D
My love beats adversity baby Eats it alive
F#m D A E F#m D
And I got a real human soul Don't tell me that I'm wrong

A D A D (3 times)
I'll be there and my love's strong

When you have to work, ike a slave everyday
Pounding the concrete and counting your change
When you have to sweat, while the privileged relax
When you feel invisible baby, and falling through the cracks Remember
You got a real human soul. Don't tell me that I'm wrong (then) CHORUS

Bm E A E F#m
Strong and relentless Behind the veil of forgetfulness
Bm E
That covers the heart Not tied up in bondage
Or nailed to the wall with a dart

When you have to suffer Or howl out in pain
And act like you're hungry For more of the same Let me tell ya!
You got a real human soul You can't tell me I'm wrong (then) CHORUS

(2nd Line Of Chorus modulates to B/E on "Strong", then repeats 4 times,
before dropping back to A/D another 4 times and fades.

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