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The girl isn't ready

A F#m
The girl isn't ready (twice)

A F#m
The girl isn't ready is what her mother says
A F#m
We just put her toys away it seems like yesterday
She has seen something better through the window
She will reach for it even though she doesn't know if she's

A F#m
Ready, the girl isn't ready
A F#m
We can never tell her how to take it steady
She'll be re a dy one day I know

A F#m
The girl isn't ready (twice)

The girl isn't ready to do what she wants to do
We think that her boyfriend's like something from a zoo
She thinks that she understands what she's feeling
She's going to leave us make no mistake the wounds won't be healing

CHORUS then instrumental over E D E D F#m F#m

The girl isn't ready sure she thinks she is
She walks like a grownup but talks just like a kid
She wants to take on the world and his brother
Next thing you know she'll be telling us that she's a mother

Outro - as intro w/ more repeats

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