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Break Them Down

A lot of people helped with the lyrics, notably William Wittman.
Thanks WW and everybody!

Intro: G#m C#m G#m C#m Ebm G#m

G#m C#m G#m C#m Ebm G#m
The missionary's position is clear, break them do---wn
G#m C#m G#m C#m Ebm G#m
Converting the savage Panare, break them do----wn
And purge them of all of their sins, break them down
Whilst making funds trading jaguar skins, break them down

INSTRUMENTAL (as intro, and verse)

The new tribe's mission and the lord, break them down
Are gonna fit them with a vinyl spinal cord, break them down
In the jungle in Venezuela, break them down
Checked shirts, radios, barbed wire, break them down

Ebm C#m Ebm G#m
Ooh when they teach those savages to believe
Ebm C#m G#m Ebm
We'll all be one step closer to world harmony
(Ebm) G#m C#m G#m C#m Ebm G#m
Break them down, Break them do---wn

INSTRUMENTAL (guitar solo same chords as verse)

They rewrote the lord's prayer, break them down
And made the death of Christ the work of the Panare, break them down
Nearby Darwin was hanging by his throat, break them down
The fundamentalists were starting to gloat, break them down

Losing their loin cloths as they gain ethnicide
All dressed in Western clothes and god will be their guide

Break them down, (repeat and fade)