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You can't take love for granted

Intro Am G (twice)

Dm Am G Am
Took her to a party and danced with the host
Took her to a restaurant and treat her like a ghost
Took her to a movie and looked at another screen
Paid for entertainment she'd already seen

Bm G D A
I get so hungry, I'm eating my heart out
Bm G D A
oooh I felt it go empty I'm wondering what I can be thinking about

Dm Am G Am
But you can't take love for granted, underneath another skin
Dm Am G Am
Can't take love for granted, up behind another grin

Demonstrated passion in a grip hard to shake
Took up every fashion till everything went fake
Pulled a coat over her shoulder, cracked a joke over and over
Watch the rain turn the night colder, stared into the headlight beam

I get so wired I'm making all the wrong connections
And I get so tired I'm picking up bad affections


Can't take love for granted, can't take love for granted,
Can't take love for granted, can't take love for granted,

Instrumental section on bridge chords, then intro repeat

Watch the swans out on the lake, circle circle circle (circle circle)
Talk and talk and talk around it (circle circle)

REPEAT CHORUS 1 then CHORUS 2 then CHORUS 1 twice (fade)

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