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Fear Not

Intro C#m B A B A B C#m

C#m E C#m E
The dark hand will pull you out of nowhere it seems
C#m A E B
The black cloud will bust apart shattering your dreams
C#m E C#m E
They all put up barricades blank you out at first
C#m A        E B
Then they'll get to you to get to me and you won't know what's worse

C#m A E C#m A E
I say Fear not baby fear not Fear not baby fear not
C#m B A B A B C#m
Fear not baby fear not baby fear not It's going to end (intro)

You get your drink knocked over,
and thinking that it might be planned
But it's just some fool in the crowd tonight
Wants a name written on his hand
I won't give away anything more than the ink from my pen
and you ought to know when you look at me
love is something you can't offend


BRIDGE A E repeats then F#m E then F#m A E twice C#m
I said fear not I said fear not

I can't stand to leave you to the lions and the wolves
Yeah I know that it seems like we're in a cage but we ain't the animals
I won't let them touch you not a hair that's on your head
They can rip out bits of me that should keep them fed

It's going to end

REPEATS (intro chords) AND FADES