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A Man’s Man

I seen him ridin’ on the Circle Line,
But then, I didn’t have that kind of time…
Watch them polishing the fire-machines,
So busy, making all the brasswork gleam…
What’s this eye you give to me?
Oh my, I think I’m in the right company…

Well I gotta have that pork, boy,
Grindin’ in the groove of heaven…
When he looks at me just before the oh-oh-oh,
Oh lord, he has to be a man’s man!

When the sultan flies in for the day
The Yardy Biker takes my breath away…
Leaning, nonchalantly on a 1000cc,
Jack-booted, long-legged reality!

Well I gotta have etc.

On the way down to Trafalgar Square,
They have a soldier stationed there…
I seen him ridin’ on the Circle Line,
And now and then I have that kind of time…!

Well I gotta have etc.

Words & Music by Andrew Bodnar 1996