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Robert Whyte

I'm an Australian writer and also a director of ToadShow, a web, print and multimedia company in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

My day job is mainly as an internet consultant and web developer at ToadShow.

One of my hobbies is reading and translating the French author Boris Vian (1920-1959) and I maintain a Boris Vian web site for English readers.

I have worked out some of the chords for Graham Parker songs and posted them for GP fans.

If you have any comments or information relating to my areas of interest or just want to send an E mail here I am:

The Creek In Our Backyard (draft V.12)
A practical guide to habitat restoration More>>

Cane Toad Times Poking Fun in a Police State
Essay for the Cane Toad Times exhibition at the State Library of Queensland More>>

From Inside the Asylum
One of three small collage books influenced by Dada and published by Cheryl (creatrix) Adamson. From Inside the Asylum was a numbered edition printed at Tony Kneipp's Craft Press in Brisbane. More>>