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Robert Whyte

I'm an Australian writer and also a director of ToadShow, a web, print and multimedia company in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

My day job is mainly as an internet consultant and web developer at ToadShow.

One of my hobbies is reading and translating the French author Boris Vian (1920-1959) and I maintain a Boris Vian web site for English readers.

I have worked out some of the chords for Graham Parker songs and posted them for GP fans.

If you have any comments or information relating to my areas of interest or just want to send an E mail here I am:

10 years in the making, now a reality
Field Guide to Spiders of Australia for CSIRO Publishing More>>

Where Angel Fears To TreadWhere Angel Fears To Tread by Robert Perrier My rating: 5 of 5 stars Frank Angel has twenty-two crosses tattooed on his upper arm, one for each person he has killed. Between kills, he lives in Brisbane, in a Highgate Hill penthouse, listening to Bach, looking at the paintings on his walls, reading the books in his library. A one-night stand with an art gallery attendant becomes a full-blown catastrophe when he tells her everything about his criminal life except the most important part — he kills people. Where Angel Fears To Tread is the debut novel by Robert Perrier.

I am the publisher of this book. Naturally I love it! Also as a reader, writer and booklover I love it. The cover is the stunning 1610 Carravagio with David holding Goliath’s severed head by the hair. The head is a self portrait, of Carravagio himself. On May 1606 Caravaggio was accused of murder and fled from Rome to distant lands (Naples, Sicily, Malta) to escape the price that had been placed on his head. His self-portrait as Goliath's severed head, held by David his executioner, was sent to the papal court in 1610 as a kind of painted petition for pardon. In fact pardon was granted, but did not reach Caravaggio before he died in Porto Ercole,

The author, a lifelong friend of mine, lives in Brisbane. He studied theatre at the Victorian College of the Arts and helped found the Flying Fruit Fly International Children's Circus, taking up the position of artistic dierctor from the outset. In 1984 on behalf of the Flying Fruit Fly company he won the BHP Pursuit of Excellence Award in Arts and Literature. He has released several records as a singer songwriter. This is his first novel.

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